A Game with Dizzy Creatures

Skootles are happy little creatures that just like to spin around in their treetops. After a long day of spinning they enjoy a snow cone for a treat. Unfortunately, the power to the snow cone machine has failed. Four brave Skootles have volunteered to spin down the leaves of the tree to find and fix the problem. The Skootles won't admit it but they can't see very well. That's where you come in. You can direct the Skootles on their journey.

Here's how:

Tap the screen in the direction you want the Skootle to start. Tap and slide to generate a spin. Tap farther from the Skootle to make it faster. Once the Skootle is started, every time you tap the screen the Skootle will flip over and curve in the other direction. Press and hold to carve a tighter turn. Tilt the screen to help steer.

Skootles run on Ootles. When they run out of Ootles they get hauled back to reload and start the run over. You can buy Golden Ootles to help out.

There are aphids on the leaves. They eat holes in the leaves that the Skootles can fall in. Skootles don't like that. Skootles eat the aphids:

  • The Greens are tasty and give you Ootles.
  • The Greys are not tasty and don't give you Ootles.
  • The Murples (maroon & purple) take away Ootles.
  • The Zephids (zebra aphids) take even more.
  • Ghophids (ghost aphids) don't exist, but if they did they would be even worse.
  • If you spray an aphid with soy sauce it gets tastier. Tap with two fingers for soy sauce.
  • Tilt to steer the Skootle.
  • Tap once for the Skootle to jump, flip and change curve direction. Time it right to jump over a hole.
  • Swipe for the Skootle to jump, flip and curve in the swipe direction.
  • Press and hold to curve tighter.
  • 2 finger tap to spray soy sauce on an aphid. The Skootle also slows down.
  •  Double 2 finger tap to reverse.
  • Tap with three fingers to open the menu.
Here are the Skootles:
  • Skippy - The smallest and fastest.
  • Skooter - Fast, but not too fast.
  • Skyler - The coolest speed.
  • Bob - Bob says "My name is a palindrome"
Offline Racing: You can race against your friends. When you have a good run, save it and email the results to a friend. They can race against your results to see if they can beat you. Levels (Leaves): The first batch has 21 leaves. You can buy more.

.Skootles is available for the iPhone* and iPod touch*

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