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  • Tap the screen to start your Skootle.
  • The Skootle moves toward your finger.
  • The farther away you tap, the faster the Skootle goes.
  • Tap and swipe your finger to spin your Skootle.
  • The farther you swipe, the faster the Skootle spins.


  • Tilt the device to slide your Skootle. Tilting works less for the medium and difficult games.
  • Tap once for the Skootle to jump, flip and change curve direction. Time it right to jump over a hole.
  • Swipe for the Skootle to jump, flip and curve in the swipe direction.
  • Press and hold to curve tighter.
  • 2 finger tap to spray soy sauce on an aphid. The Skootle also slows down.
  • Double 2 finger tap to reverse.
  • Tap with three fingers to open the menu.


  • On each level you start with a fixed number of Ootles.
  • Moving uses Ootles.
  • The faster Skootles use Ootles faster.
  • Moving the same Skootle faster does not use Ootles faster.
  • Flipping a Skootle over to change direction uses Ootles.
  • Bouncing does not use Ootles.
  • Eating a Green Aphid gets Ootles.
  • Eating a Grey Aphid does not get Ootles.
  • Hitting a Murple Aphid uses Ootles.
  • Hitting a Zephid Aphid uses more Ootles.
  • Hitting a Ghophid Aphid uses even more Ootles.

Golden Ootles

  • You can buy Golden Ootles.
  • Golden Ootles follow the same rules as regular Ootles.
  • Golden Ootles are used in a run after regular Ootles are used up.
  • You can set an option for the maximum number of Golden Ootles to use in each run.

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